Schendel Mechanical Contracting Ltd. | Safety
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The Schendel Commitment to Health and Safety

The personal health and safety of each and every individual is the focal point of Schendel’s Health and Safety program. Working with Schendel and partners on site, Schendel employees understand the responsibility of carrying out their tasks safely so that everyone arrives home safe.


Schendel’s front line workers are directly involved with the ongoing development of Health and Safety programs and in the execution of safety solutions that make improvements at the workface and in the shop. The Schendel safety commitment extends beyond the work environment building increased production, and most of all, gives employees ownership and ultimate responsibility for their continued safety.


Schendel Health and Safety does not stop at Schendel employees. Project and sub-trades adhere to Schendel’s health and safety measures to ensure a productive and safe work environment every day.


The Schendel safety program is enhanced by ongoing manager and supervisor training through a number of programs including Leadership for Safety Excellence (LSE)™ from the Alberta Construction Safety Association is an example.



Schendels’ Health
+ Safety Program



  • COR Certified
  • Green status (PICS) for working on all SUNCOR major project sites
  • Green status for working on all Graham Construction Sites (TEXTURA)
  • Dedicated Safety Staff at NCSO or HSE level
  • Employees certified in asbestos worker training
  • Employees trained to CAN/CAS Z317.13-07 Infection Control Procedures
  • Gold Seal Construction Safety Co-ordinator on Schendel team